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Urban Folk songstress meets R&B/Dub organ trio

"Sexy, bittersweet, and joyous." 5 Stars -Austin Monthly

"Album of the Year" -Kevin Connor, SXSW, KUT (NPR Austin)

"Top 10" -Austin Chronicle AND Texas Music Magazine

"Artist of the Year" -Texas Music Magazine

"Seconds into hearing Erin Ivey sing, you'll understand why so many of her followers were willing to cough up some coin to help her latest record, Broken Gold, see the light of day." -MTV's OurStage

"Sing Out" named in DJ Picks -KCRW 89.9 (NPR L.A.)

"Sorrow No More" named in Best Tracks of 2011 -Austin Chronicle

"Amelia" - Grand Prize winner -2012 Discoveries Playlist song competition


released February 22, 2011

Erin Ivey - songs & vocals

The Finest Kind is
Rolf Ordahl - Hammond M3 organ, Piano, Wurlitzer, Clav
Ross Alexander - bass
JJ Johnson - drums, percussion

Ben Kitterman - pedal steel guitar on "Pierre Latour" and "Sorrow No More"
Cheryl Kaderli - background vocals on "Go! Go! Go!" "L.A. Lullaby" and "You Got Your Wishes Wrong"
Ephraim Owens - trumpet on "Sorrow No More"
J.C. Baxter - acoustic guitar on "Broken Gold"
Jon Dee Graham - electric guitar on "I Always Leave Part of My Heart in Chicago"
Mic Flo - rap verses on "Go! Go! Go!"
Stephen Doster - acoustic guitar on "Amelia"

Dedicated to the memory of William M. Simmons and Leo J. Miller


all rights reserved



Erin Ivey Austin, Texas

Urban folk singer and Texas Music Magazine Artist of the Year, Erin Ivey is “the queen of Austin singer songwriters" (Austin.com). She is hailed by the Daily News as “a songwriter of the first order, with her jazz-inflected vocals and seductive melodies.”

A regular Critics' Pick at SXSW Music Festival, Erin Ivey has "become one of our city's biggest critical successes" (KUTX Austin, NPR).
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Track Name: Sorrow No More
sorrow no more
my child
i'll look after all your cares in the world
and higher
rest in me your restless dreams
will be quiet and still
longing fulfilled
and your cold fear turned to fire
sorrow no more
Track Name: I Always Leave Part of My Heart in Chicago
i always leave part of my heart in Chicago
with ribbons to hold the pieces in bows
and even when i am there it beats beside me
trying to find me knowing i dare to leave it
behind me when the next wind blows

will it always be this way?
i'm torn the more each time i stray
but it don't feel right to stay
will it always be this way?

cover the miles, pierce the night
level the road, enjoy the ride
cover the miles in clouds and trees
mountains and birds that hang on the breeze
cover the miles with all of your signs
hope comes to life as this road unwinds
cover the miles, become someone else's horizon
Track Name: Amelia
mama's favorite dress of mine had birds all over
i wore it every Sunday 'til i got older
and i reached away for something there
that i could taste in the air

put it all in a little black box
hide it on the floor of the sea
only leave behind you
the waves and speed

i was gone for 30 days and 20 hours
before i saw the water close and tried to call the towers
and i opened up my window then
and gave my letters to the wind

put it all in a little black box
hide it on the floor of the sea
only leave behind you
the waves and speed

i wasn't quite sure where i was going
i knew that i'd know when i was there
and i wouldn't let anybody
keep it away from me again
Track Name: Chocolate
you are sticky sweet like chocolate
never miss a beat like the sun
you're always melting in my hands again
and I can never have just one

i'm gonna stir you up in all my recipes
gonna let you taint every one
because I know you'd taste just like chocolate
and i'd be all the sweeter when i'm done

i love the taste of you
melting on my tongue
i want the worst of you
more than the best of anyone

it's like confection
when your lips are touching mine
i could go through boxes of you at a time
(oh won't you tell me that you are gonna be mine)
Track Name: Go! Go! Go!
something told me long ago
to go go go, so i went

something said to give it
everything i have, so i'm spent

walking the edge of a precipice
i never thought i'd find

i could stay right here or i could step right off
every day i make up my mind

fool, i'm a fool
there ain't nothing i would rather do
Track Name: L.A. Lullaby
we've been waiting to see the moon
we've been waiting to see the stars
venus and mars
are beautiful

when the day is done
and night falls down
twilight is yours
when the day is done
and the night falls down
the sky is mine
Track Name: Pierre Latour
he never stopped looking for people whose hearts had caught fire
one day we decided to set out and see if we could find him
all that was left were his bones
under the tree where he had given the ghost
18 dollars in silver coins
and holy oil

he heard the wind cry traveling over the mesas
counting clouds in the big sky and slowly unraveling graces
in the vast lonely country of old
he covered the West and he watched it unfold
he spent many nights tending a burning heart
hungry and cold

Pierre Latour
rode off slow and sure
to find heaven in the lower Rio Grande

when he came to town the people were waiting for miles
they brought him their children and told him the tales of their trials
he lifted their heads and watered their souls
he told them in prayer that they would never be alone
and for that he rode from town to town and home to home

Pierre Latour
rode off slow and sure
to find heaven in the lower Rio Grande
Track Name: Broken Gold
reaching with your eyes
over the next state line
the mountains give way
to the prairies over time

the air is thick with rain
forward through the night
singing songs of Texas longing
i'll be there before sunrise

sculpted peaks of
the mountains and the clouds
just passing through
fast as a freight train loaded down

when you trace
the lines of our life
the beginning and the end
they always collide

like broken gold
you're broken open
again, again, again
and the more you know
what the road has taken
the more you're left with in the end

four square inches
in the daily news
there are just some things that
we never get to choose

help me to forget
help me to remember
our bodies always perish
but our spirits, they will live forever

so I dream
what you mean to me
Track Name: You Got Your Wishes Wrong
go and turn it all around if you can
turn the whole thing upside down
but when the gig is up and you can't come down
just shake it down, shake it out of this world

go on beat around the bush if you dare
'cause honey what's the rush?
there are games that you can't win
unless you shake it down, shake it out of this world

you made your mark trying to go around and wake the dead
but you got your wishes wrong and they came after you instead

so take it all apart this time go ahead
every angle knows its lines
when it flowers up and won't come down
just shake it down, shake it out of this world
Track Name: Little Star
little star
you're gonna shine bright and far
and when life is very dark
you'll be shining
little star

little bird
you'll fly high above the world
and string up the stars
like they're pearls
little bird

little dream
your eyes show me everything
that i could ever hope to be
little dream

little one
when every day is done
i will promise you all my love
and the moon and the sun
little one
Track Name: Sing Out
every breath with promise heard
bares itself on every word
when the clock is ticking loud
you will hear a deafening crowd

sing out
cry out

every pistol in the air
shouting of joy and despair
winding through the narrow ways
of true love and heaven's grace

sing out
cry out

though our words will melt away
there is strength in what we say
gather all to hear the truth
rattling inside of you

sing out
cry out

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